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Digitallency is providing the business leaders with clear vision, strategy, metrics, governance, and enabling infrastructure by adding talent and intelligence into digital transformation journey.

We are adding talent and intelligence into your digital journey by driving creativity, agility, flexibility and adaptability into all business model components.



The digital journey together with information and analytics requires increased focus on responding and adapting to change. Digitalization is the single most important driver of innovation, competitiveness and growth, and it holds huge potential for organizations. On the other hand, this new economy has been unforgiving to those organizations that fail to adopt new technology and processes. Business leaders are transforming their businesses to adapt challenges and opportunities of this journey.

We believe, the value of technology innovation is hard to show theoretically. You need to touch and feel technology to understand what it offers. We can create rapid prototyping to demonstrate how technology could help your critical digitalization initiatives. We offer tangible results for your digital journey.

Discover DIGITALLENCY to pave the way for creativity, agility, flexibility and adaptability through process, technology and cultural change

• Digital Strategy
• Information Strategy
• Analytics Strategy
• Business Value Assessment
• Rapid Prototyping
• Master Plan


Information is the next frontier of innovation. Linking data and analytics to cultural change is emerging as the next challenge to addressing the full potential of the digital workplace. Business leaders are transforming their processes and cultures from application centric to information centric to adopt new technologies and challenges.

We turn your inaccurate, inconsistent or disconnected information into clean, consistent and connected information.

Discover DIGITALLENCY for what do you need to become a information-driven organization

• Enterprise Information Management
• Master Data Management
• Data Governance
• Data Security



Analytics drives innovation in the areas of customer experience, IoT, mobile and security. Digital business, digital marketing, customer experience, IoT and mobility all drive more data into the enterprise, which needs capabilities to analyze and use information analytics, especially in real time.

Traditional BI and analytics models are being disrupted with digitalization. Digital organizations try to adapt new technology and methodology in analytics as the balance of power shifts from IT to the business with an extended coverage of multi-structure data computing.

We believe, the Next Generation Analytics will be shaped around agility, flexibility, and adaptability. Big data and new type of analytics will make big difference in this picture. We offer integrated and complete solution with tangible result for your analytics requirements. Enter the AnalyticsZone for more…

Discover DIGITALLENCY for what do you need to become a Analytic Driven Organization

• Next Generation Analytics
• Customer Analytics
• Marketing Analytics
• GRC & Audit Analytics


Digital technology is reshaping business and IT innovation, and reinventing the overall work experience for all levels of employees. Business and IT need highly skilled talent to manage this digital journey.

We are led by customer ‘s needs – that is at the heart of our strategy. One of our top priorities is having the best talent to meet evolving needs of our customer. Investing in our people and methodology will be our highest priority for continuous innovation…

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